IT Policy

The use of the Company's information technology facilities is in connection with company business and limited personal use. This limited personal usage is a privilege but not a right, extended to various Company employees.

HSE Commitment of MD

Excels in Perfection

All employees shall also agree to comply with applicable country, federal, state, and local laws, as applicable and to refrain from engaging in any activity that would subject the company to any liability whatsoever. KMS reserves the right to amend these policies and practices at any time without prior notice and to take such further actions as may be necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable federal, state/province, and local laws, to safeguard KMS's business interests.

To protect the integrity of KMS computing facilities and its users against unauthorized or improper use of those facilities, and to investigate possible use of those facilities in violation of Company rules and policies, KMS reserves the right, without notice, to limit or restrict any individual's use, and to inspect, copy, remove, or otherwise alter any data, file, or system resource which may undermine the authorized use of any computing facility or which is used in violation of Company rules or policies. KMS also reserves the right periodically to examine any system and other usage and authorization history as necessary to protect its computing facilities, and business interests.

KMS disclaims any responsibility for loss of personal data or interference with personal files resulting from its efforts to maintain the privacy and security of those computing facilities or from system malfunction or any other cause.