Alcohol And Substance Abuse Policy

Kazmunaiservices & Contracting LLP believes that the abuse of alcohol and the misuse of drugs or other substances are incompatible with a safe and productive work environment.

HSE Commitment of MD

Excels in Perfection

This Policy has been adopted to define the standards and procedural requirements to mitigate possible impacts on the business from substance abuse.

Compliance with this policy is a condition of employment and/or condition of access to Company provides premises and facilities during normal or off working hours. Non compliance with this policy will result in removal from the premises and/or disciplinary action including dismissal.

General Requirements:

  • The use, possession or distribution of controlled drugs or misuse of other substances, while in Company provide premises or while engaged in Company business is prohibited
  • Reporting for or attending work while intoxicated by alcohol, drugs or other substances is prohibited
  • The possession of alcohol in containers or the consumption of alcohol on Company provided premises is prohibited, except as part of Company function dully authorized by the management or on specified premises at which alcohol may be used in a controlled way
  • The Possession or consumption of alcohol at any workplace or location including arrival at an embarkation point for such location under influence of alcohol is prohibited
  • Company reserves the right under employment contractual terms and conditions to effectuate drug and alcohol testing at work location during work hours in a non discriminatory, random basis in order to enforce this policy
  • As regards consumption of alcohol, employees assignments on abroad or on transit and in jurisdictions in which they are not considered citizens, must maintain a behavior which is in compliance with this policy and consistent with the protection of company's reputation