Environmental Policy

Kazmunaiservices & Contracting LLP is committed to integration of leading environmental practices and sustainability principles into its core business strategy by:

  • Definition of key environmental indicators
  • Compliance with all applicable legislation
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Mitigation of waste and pollution
  • Raising environmental awareness amongst the employees
HSE Commitment of MD

Excels in Perfection

Kazmunaiservices & Contracting LLP routinely monitors and improves upon environmental practices, including

  • Water and energy conservation
  • Waste mitigation, segregation, recycling and disposal
  • Heritage and habitat protection
  • Life cycle design, planning, procurement, and transportation of goods, products and services

For Kazmunaiservices & Contracting LLP, environmental sustainability means taking a proactive approach to stockholder engagement and successful alignment in strategic decision making and overall operations.