Human Resources Policy

The Management of KMS defines as an ethical entity, capable of supplying services of the highest standards, to ensure the total satisfaction to our Customers, Group Personnel, Suppliers and Society in general.

HSE Commitment of MD

Excels in Perfection

Customer Satisfaction

This is assured through our ability to provide consistent high quality services across a broad range of disciplines because of:

We commit ourselves to quality through:

  • The strength and quality of our employees
  • A team of dedicated and motivated managers representing all aspects of our business
  • A policy of investing time and effort into the development of our people, by supporting our employees through constant appraisal, training and by encouraging personal initiative

Satisfaction of our Personnel

This is assured through:

  • Providing modern and adequate working facilities
  • Providing professional training opportunities
  • Satisfying their social service needs
  • Promoting effective communication
  • Resolving problems that may arise
  • Motivating everyone to achieve quality internally and externally
  • Allocating resources to best opportunities
  • Rewarding achievements and good performance
  • Providing a Safe and Healthy environment for employees to work in

Our Mission Ahead Is, That We Will

  • Promote a culture of trust, mutual respect, open communication and transparency of action
  • Instill a spirit of teamwork and harmony within KMS
  • Exercise integrity in dealing with our Employees, Clients, Consultants, and Alliance Partners
  • Ensure all our employees are working towards the Vision and Goals' of KMS
  • Ensure all Managers see themselves as serving leaders
  • Continuously strive to maintain and improve the high standard of values and quality of service for which KMS is recognized